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Funtology Fundamentals for Teens is an Interactive Cosmetology, Nails and Esthetics Enrichment Program offered to Bridge the Gap from Barbie to Beauty and Beau to Grooming.  Students engage in the Fundamentals of Hair, Beauty, Barbering, Nails and Skin prior to Graduating High School.  Making career choices during Middle/High School will help gear students closer to their chosen field.

I.    FUNtroductions to Cosmetology, Nails & Esthetics:

~History of the Industry

~Being Funtologists

~Work Ethics, Communicating for Successful Outcomes

          ~Personal Images & Interpersonal Skills

~Study Skills


II.   FUN~Properties of Hair, Skin & Nails

~Diseases/Disorders of Hair, Skin and Nails

~Sanitation, Disinfection & Infection Control

~Chemistry, Electricity, Anatomy & Physiology



~Client Consultations, Wet & Dry Hair Styling

~Thermal Styling, Shampoo/Conditioning Services,

~Hair Designs, Semi-Formal Up-do’s, Wigs, Braids

~Artificial Enhancements

~Haircutting, Haircoloring, Permanent Waving

~Chemical Hair Relaxers, Manicuring, Pedicuring, Nail Art

~Facial Art, Make-up, Facial Manipulations

~Tools of the Trade, Barbertology (Lines, Waves & Points)image

~Elevations: low, medium & high

~Angles and Degrees (0, 45, 90, 180)

~Symmetry, Asymmetrical, Balance, Harmony & Contrast

~Facial Shapes, Silhouettes and Profiles

IV.   FUNTOLOGY:  Skincare Services

~Components and Properties of the skinimage

~Skin Disorders and Diseases

~Make-up Applications

~Moisturizers, Facials & Massages

V.   FUNTOLOGY:    Chemical Hair Care Services

~Safety, Consultations, Sanitation & Disinfection Procedures

~Permanent Waving

~Chemical Hair Relaxers

~Shampooing & Conditioningweb5

~Product Applications (Wet/Dry)

VI.   FUNtroductions to FUN Nails & Nail Artistry

~Nail Structures, Composition and Appendages

~Nail Disorders and Diseases

~Introductions to Manicuring and Pedicuring

~Nail Art on Natural and Artificial Nails

VII.  FUNTOLOGY:   Tools   &   Equipment

~Hairstyling Toolsimage

~Skincare Implements

~Nail Care Tools

~Software (Employment, Retail Products, Purchasing POS)


~Seeking Employment

~Preparing Resumes, Correspondences and Follow-ups

~Planning/Purchasing, Zoning/Permitting, Financial Mgmt.


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