What is Funtology Fundamentals?

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What is Funtology Enrichment for Teens?

FUNTOLOGY is a fun way for our youth to express themselves through their own artistic abilities. Individuals learn to create styles, expand on their overall look; while producing results others find impossible to do for themselves. With such a large demand, the U.S. has approximately 825,000 Cosmetologists, Barbers, Massage webworking6Therapists and Nail Technicians. This number does not include the aspiring, undecided or underprivileged. Many will follow their parent’s footsteps, while others may be looking for direction. As Mentors, Professionals and Industry Personnel, our goal should be to implant early and be the focal point for our youth.

Having a purpose in life gives our youth/ teenagers a reason to set goals. The everyday pressures experienced by our young can be overwhelming if there are no outlets to assist with emotional release. As a way of expression, FUNTOLOGY creates the avenue to utilize their positive energy for visual results. This youth program is designed for boys and girls as a form of self-expression through grooming, accentuation and creativity. As an After School Program, it gives our teens the ability imageto release their thoughts on mannequins, practical structures and paper. At their age, many may never think about what they want to do because they are unaware of what their possibilities may be and how innovative they truly are.

As an afterschool and summer program, FUNTOLOGY is broken down into phases to prepare for the annual Art Extravaganza. We will display our work to our community, family, friends and Industry leaders. As our older teens prepare for work, they will receive job seeking classes on resume building and dressing for success. Generating business cards and a well formatted resume will gear them in the right direction for their future. We will take field trips to various salons and trade shows broaden their learning spectrum. In IMG_0419[1]budgeting for something this large, one WILL NOT break the bank, but create a bridge to the bank. Depending on recreational room size, we can work on the number of participants in the program as well as how many sessions to hold before starting over. This Fun-Structural Arts Program will not only create business leaders, but also sharpen their minds to create, utilize and energize their daily performance.
The course curriculum for FUNTOLOGY piggybacks from the state curriculum expectations for professionals in the industry. A FUNTOLOGY Fundamentals textbook was created especially for this enrichment program to teach everyone the foundational values of IMG_0420[1]cosmetology from the teen perspective. If your program is ready to make a difference in the eye, mind and hearts of our youth, then FUNTOLOGY is the program you’re searching for.

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